Henderson Restaurant to Reopen as Destination for Dry-Aged Beef, Pork, Duck, and Fish

By Janna Karel, Eater Vegas

Chef and owner Matthew Meyer is readying to launch his new restaurant 138° in the space of his previous Henderson spot, Served Global Dining. Meyer, a punk rock enthusiast, says the name comes from the temperature at which a steak is finished and from the song “We are 138,” by the Misfits. The shuttered Served offered a broad menu that spanned several types of cuisine, including Jewish matzoh brie, El Salvadorian pupusas, Korean bibimbap, and Peruvian Lomo Saltado.

Meyer says 138 offers him the opportunity to zero in on one specialty. “We wanted to be more focused and work with the quality of proteins we wanted to work with,” says Meyer, who is currently touring farms in California. “It felt like time for a fresh start.” Meyer describes dry-aging as a controlled rot and fermentation of the meat. “All the moisture leaves the protein, condensing the flavor. Over time, bacteria and enzymes in the meat break down and you get different flavors that can be nutty, or like truffle, blue cheese, and buttery popcorn.”

Dishes served in the 5,200-square-foot restaurant will include shrimp and grits with marcona almonds and fennel butter, chilled lobster borscht with roasted beets, a seed-crusted lamb chop with risotto, and a ground burger with a house-made A1 sauce. The restaurant design will feature a center fire pit lounge, a grand piano for entertaining, and a dry aging display. Meyer expects to open 138 on September 25.

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